Genomic infection surveillance

We help your hospital save money on hospital-acquired infections by providing seamless genomic surveillance.

How it works

Unlock genomic insights with minimal hands-on time.

1. Send samples to us

Collect suspected HAI samples and have them picked up by us.

2. Receive results in 3–5 days

We sequence the samples and analyze their DNA to detect outbreaks.

3. Contain the outbreak

Make effective interventions based on the certainty the DNA reports bring.

“The software is intuitive and easy to use
and their team is responsive and proactive. Working with Solu has been a joy.”

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Dr. Paul Bollyky

Associate Professor, Stanford University

Detect outbreaks without expensive investments

Solu's service cuts the need for your own sequencing process. Send us samples of suspected infections, and we'll deliver results as fast as in 3 days.
Automatic outbreak detection
Concise report of species, ID, AMR & more
No genomics expertise needed
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Boost your bottom line

Detect HAIs and isolate patients with high accuracy.  By shutting down costly epidemics, you not only save lives but also protect your reputation as a healthcare provider.
Determine non-nosocomial infections
Avoid CMS (Medicare) penalties
Pay-as-you-go pricing

Proven process

Our process follows the gold standard methods from genomic epidemiology research. You can focus on delivering exceptional patient care while Solu takes care of the rest.
Health authorities that recommend genomic surveillance:
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Calculate your HAI costs and potential savings

For a customized estimate, please contact our team.

Frequently asked questions

Does genomic surveillance work?
Genomic surveillance has been shown to outperform traditional methods in identifying the environmental source, tracking transmission between patients, and tracing transmission of antibiotic resistance genes. A recent systematic review found genomic surveillance to be more cost-effective than traditional methods. Many health systems and hospitals worldwide use genomic surveillance.
Is it secure?
A third-party laboratory handles the samples. The data is processed and stored in Solu's secure servers. We don't collect or store patient information in our system – we simply inform you which samples are likely related to the same outbreak.
Which pathogens can Solu identify?
The surveillance currently works for pathogenic bacteria (BSL2 or under).
What does it cost?
We are so confident in the value of genomic surveillance that we offer you a chance to try it risk-free (get a full refund from your first analysis if you didn't find it useful). Final pricing will be around $199 per sample.
Is it FDA approved?
Our product is labeled for research use only and not for use in diagnostic procedures, like other genomics solutions to date. Results obtained with Solu will indicate highly likely transmission events, but you will need to confirm them with traditional laboratory testing.

A message from our founder

Imagine a hospital where infections are not a constant worry. Did you know that 5 out of 100 patients catch infections in hospitals? That's a serious problem, especially when antibiotics are becoming less effective.

Most hospitals have two challenges with infectious diseases:

  1. Undetected HAIs: Infections acquired in hospitals can cost up to $48,000 per patient and lead to deaths and litigation.
  2. Misidentified HAIs: Sometimes, infections that come from outside are mistaken for hospital infections. This leads to unnecessary trouble and costs, which could be avoided.

That's where Solu comes in. We offer you the best tools that bacterial genomics has to offer in a way that doesn't strain your budget. Solu is quick to get started yet scalable.

We invite you to try Solu risk-free. Let's work together to make hospitals safer for your patients, your staff, and the world.

Sam Sihvonen, co-founder of Solu

Sam Sihvonen

CEO & Co-founder

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